Thursday, December 6, 2018

Almost there . . .

Friday - (dance, SCERA, ODC concert, date night) date night/easy
Saturday - (SCERA, Studco Party) ham and cheese pastries, scrambled eggs
Sunday - (church, tithing settlement) creamy chicken noodle soup, rolls
Monday - (Liken) baked black bean and sweet potato flautas
Tuesday - (Band Concert) cauliflower/orange chicken, rice or noodles
Wednesday - (dentist, piano recital, YM) out
Thursday - (sax, hair cuts, Round Table, Critical Mass Concert) homemade mac and cheese
Friday - (SCERA, date night)

black beans and rice, cheese balls

Thursday, November 29, 2018

December Debuts

Friday - (dance, date night, scera) easy peasy
Saturday - (scera) french toast, hashbrowns, fruit
Sunday - (ward council, cub committee) white chicken black bean chili, corn bread
Monday - (piano, xc awards night) pasta, ham, and peas
Tuesday - homemade pizza, salad, fruit
Wednesday - (pack meeting, dance, piano, ym) sweet potato tacos, toppings
Thursday - (soccer) ham and cheese pastries, scrambled eggs
Friday - (dance, date night, scera)

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Friday - (callbacks, SCERA, date night) easy
Saturday - (SCERA) Sandwiches and chips
Sunday - (Ward Council, Musical Fireside) Indian Butter Chicken and Potato Curry, naan bread, samosas?, veggie curry for Milo?
Monday - (Musical Parent Meeting, FHE) Potato Soup, bacon, rolls
Tuesday - Skillet Taco Pie, small veggie pie for Milo
Wednesday - (No School) ham and cheese pastries, cheese pastries for Milo, tomato soup
Thursday - (Thanksgiving, birthday) Breakfast - Scones   Dinner?
Friday - (No School,SCERA) nachos
Saturday - (Que's Party, SCERA) easy

Thursday, November 8, 2018

November Underway

Friday - (State Playoff game, Jazz-Celtics game, SCERA - Jonah, Jungle Book, date night) easy
Saturday - (Pancake Party - Ruby, SCERA - Max, Parents) Out
Sunday - (Primary Program) frozen lasagna, frozen vegetarian lasagna for Milo, garlic bread, salad
Monday - (FHE, piano, school play) ham and cheese frittata, blueberry muffins, hash browns (Family Flavor)
Tuesday - (auditions, Jazz concert, Stake training) black beans and rice, cheese balls (Family Flavor)
Wednesday - (auditions, piano, cubs, dance, YM) cheesy chicken and rice bake (Family Flavor - sans sun dried tomatoes)
Thursday -(sax, soccer, chess, SP PTA) potato soup, bacon, rolls
Friday - (SCERA - Jonah, SCERA game night)

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Friday - (Mindy, dance, SCERA, party, football game) out or easy
Saturday - (Pow Wow, SCERA, Mindy) potato soup?
Sunday - (church, Cub Committee) Southwestern beef wraps
Monday - (FHE, piano, play) Pasta with ham and peas, breadsticks, fruit
Tuesday - (Carla to Utah) homemade pizza, salad
Wednesday - (Pack Meeting, dance, piano, YM) chicken pot pie
Thursday - (Bentley's Birthday, sax, soccer) spring rolls, ramen, oreo ice cream cake
Friday -  (dance, SCERA)


Thursday, October 25, 2018


Friday - (dance, Oktoberfest, date night) easy and out
Saturday - (soccer, SCERA, Liz's party) Hawaiian Haystacks
Sunday - (church, Scout Committee) sloppy lasagna, bread sticks
Monday - (piano, voice, tumbling FHE) sloppy joes, fries or chips
Tuesday - (Culver's Night, Primary Training) Culver's?
Wednesday - (dance, Halloween!) frozen pizzas, salad, fruit
Thursday - (sax) broccoli cheese soup, rolls or bread
Friday - (dance, SCERA, date night)

POW WOW Tomorrow

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Got This

Friday - (date night, SCERA)
Saturday - (race day, SCERA)
Sunday - (church, ward council) meatloafcheesy potatoes, rolls, salad
Monday - (no school) balsamic chicken and veggies
Tuesday - (soccer practice, voice) sheet pan panini
Wednesday - (Cubs, YM, dance) cheesy black bean quinoa bake
Thursday - (soccer practice) chicken cordon bleu soup
Friday - (dance, date night, SCERA, CVJH Oktoberfest)
Saturday - Elizabeth's Birthday - Hawaiian Haystacks